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Yellow Jacket 67003 Two Single Mantooth Kit


Package includes:

  • Hardware (single device) with boot
  • Temperature Probe Clamp
  • USB Cable


Yellow Jacket 67003 Two Single Mantooth Kit

  • Wireless connection to your smart device (iPhone, iPad, Android compatible)
  • Test system without losing refrigerant (no hoses and manifolds necessary)
  • Built-in Schrader ports to easily adjust refrigerant charge
  • Range up to 400′ (unobstructed)
  • YELLOW JACKET ManTooth app (free download)
  • Simplify and automate measurements
  • Saves time and reduces costs
  • Wirelessly calculates and displays the system’s actual pressures, temperatures, superheat and subcooling in an easy-to-read color format on your smart phone device
    • Share screenshots via e-mail right from your phone
    • Easily track and store service history
  • Rechargeable lithium polymer battery with 10 hours battery life