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Circor Contromatics PAS 1400-4-M5 Pneumatic Actuator



Circor Contromatics PAS 1400-4-M5 pneumatic actuator

The Contromatics M5 series rack-and pinion actuator is the most versatile unit available today. All are rated for 150 psig inlet pressure and offer the DLS feature of double limit stops as standard equipment on all models. This feature allows travel adjustments in both directions. The 180˚ actuators produce the same torque as the standard 90˚ model. The double acting actuator achieve torques to 37,200 in.- lbs. at 80 psig and the spring return fail safe actuators to 20,748 in.- lbs. spring end torque. Standard actuators are rated -10˚F to 195˚F and optional high and low temp seals and bearings are available for applications from -55˚F to 250˚F. Standard construction is extruded aluminum, machined, hard anodized and painted with a one part dry powder epoxy for corrosion protection. Autocatalytic Nickel Infusion construction is also made available as an option. ANI is the latest technological advance in electronic nickel deposition for severe environment corrosion protection.


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