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Plumbing industry need some chemicals to create a strong bond or joint for better pipe fitting. At Sheridan Supply, we provide a wide range of plumbing chemicals that are long lasting and cost effective. Just have a look at the variety of plumbing chemicals that we provide, and pick the one that fits your requirements. Below are the plumbing chemicals that we provide:


  • Cement
  • Joint Compound
  • Primers
  • Thread Compound
  • Flux

    CEMENT (2)

    Sheridan Supply provides a variety of cement online from one of the industry’s top brands Whitlam. We assure you that you will be getting the best services at our store. Let’s have a look at the PVC cements we provide. If you have some specific needs, call or email us.


    Joint compound acts as a sealant to create seal between the pipes. A joint compound is a mixture of several substances including clay, vegetable oil, kaolin, rosin and ethanol. It serves both as a lubricant and a sealant for threaded joints. Use of pipe joint compound on the threads of a pipe joint helps to ensure a water and air-tight seal. If you want the best joint compound for better fitting and connection of the pipes, then check out the products provided by Sheridan Supply.

    PRIMERS (2)

    Primers are generally used for preparing the surface of plastic pipe and fittings, which is necessary for the proper solvent welding of these materials. Our primers are all Low VOC products which are environment friendly too. Sheridan Supply offers the most extensive range of primers for the piping system. We provide the best primer that can be used easily for all your plumbing applications. Contact us now to order!


    Shop all the plumbing products required for your plumbing project at one place, i.e. Sheridan Supply. The thread compound is used to prevent corrosion of the connection parts during storage and to facilitate the running of connections in proper way during make-up/break-out. Have a look at the variety of thread compounds that we provide.
  • FLUX

    FLUX (5)

    When there is the need to have something soldered, there is the need of Flux. Nothing can be soldered without the usage of a good quality flux. The flux provided by Sheridan Supply is useful for high mechanical and temperature load. Buy flux online now at Sheridan Supply. We have been providing wide range of solder flux from the top brands named Griffon, Harris and Rectorseal Nokorode. Let’s have a look at the given flux products we provide.