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Shop all your plumbing products from family owned Sheridan Supply. We are one of the leading suppliers of plumbing parts in USA. Here, you will find a wide variety of products that will definitely meet all your plumbing requirements. Browse the products that we provide below, and give us a call at 888-458-8743 regarding your needs.


    CHEMICALS (14)

    Plumbing industry need some chemicals to create a strong bond or joint for better pipe fitting. At Sheridan Supply, we provide a wide range of plumbing chemicals that are long lasting and cost effective. Just have a look at the variety of plumbing chemicals that we provide, and pick the one that fits your requirements. Below are the plumbing chemicals that we provide:  
    • Cement
    • Joint Compound
    • Primers
    • Thread Compound
    • Flux

    FLOODSTOP (10)

    Floodstop products give you extra security against flooding.  They work with washers, water heaters, toilets, water mains, dishwashers and sinks.


    Green Drain Seal prevents odors and pest infiltration.  It can help eliminate sewer and radon gas infiltration.   Also harmful biologic aerosols from entering the workspace.  It increases indoor air quality, protects public health.  It is really green technology and can help you in LEED certification. It is a one way drain valve and is easy to install.  It does not impair the flow rate of water.  It does not impair plumbing maintenance.  It provides sewage backflow protection with the flapper valve.   Try it !


    If you are facing the problem of leaky toilets then don’t worry, Sheridan Supply is here with the best toilet seal products! Our toilet seal products are manufactured by the most trusted brands. So, hurry up! Purchase our toilet seal/bolts now and get rid of the leaky toilets.

    CLOTHING (3)

    If you belong to plumbing industry, then you will definitely require plumbing clothes. Sheridan Supply carries a wide variety of plumbing workwear that exactly fits your requirements. We supply plumbing clothing made up of high quality material and from the best known brands. The cloths provided by us include the Non-ANSI Short Sleeve Safety T-shirt, majestic cold hat etc, available in different colors and sizes. Just have a look at our collection of clothing, and select the one that you were looking for.

    SHOE COVERS (19)

    Want to stand out in the service world ? Try some shoe covers! They send the message that you care about your client's home. We carry a number of colors and they fit up to a size 18 boot. We have PINK.

    BRUSHES (2)


    SAND CLOTH (1)

    During the installation of any piping system, a plumber requires sand cloth to clean the pipes, fittings, and other soft materials and a plumber’s kit is incomplete without plumbing sand cloth. The sand cloth provides a grip before soldering or cementing. It is ideal for cleaning and polishing copper tubing and fittings.

    SOLDER (1)

    With our immense domain expertise, Sheridan Supply is involved in offering Soldering Products from one of the industry’s top brands Harris Bridgit. We are the global leaders in providing soldering products. Our USA made plumbing solder is used in many industries including medical device manufacturing, electronics, and lighting. We ensure that our solder for plumbing is best in quality and is most reliable.