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Looking for the best quality water and air filters? You are at the right place! Sheridan Supply provides a wide variety of air filters as well as water filters. We ensure that our products will remove all the contaminants and dust particles, and will make the air and water of your home as clean as possible.


    AIR FILTERS (38)

    Shop American made air filters at family owned Sheridan Supply. Nowadays, the increased pollution has raised the demand of air filters. And, it is necessary to have the best air filters at your home in order to avoid the health issues. At Sheridan Supply, you will get the perfect air purifiers that meet your requirements exactly the way you want. We offer a wide variety of top rated air filters in all sizes. For special sizes, please give us a call at 888-458-8743


    Get a new water filter cartridge at least once a year. Water filters are a great addition to your home.  Change them out regularly.  A healthy home is a happy home. Sheridan Supply offers the water filters that best fits your requirements and keep your family safe. We provide a wide range of water filtration system at an affordable price. The water filters provided by us include:
    • Marine filters
    • Under the sink filters
    • RV filters
    • Whole house water filters