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Valve is a device that is used to control or regulate the flow of fluid in any system or process. Valves are used in different types of applications such as commercial, industrial, manufacturing etc. At Sheridan Supply, we offer a wide range of valves, each with a unique method of control, function or application. Check out our huge collection of best valve that will definitely meet all your requirements in your budget.

Following are the types of valves that we provide:

  • Ball Valves
  • Check Valves
  • Gate Valves
  • Globe Valves
  • Actuator Valves


    Sheridan Supply offers the Contromatics M5 series that is most versatile unit available today. The actuator valve provided by us has the feature of DLS (double limit stops) that allows travel adjustments in both the directions. Its standard construction involves extruded aluminium, hard anodized and machined. It is painted with a one part dry epoxy powder in order to prevent corrosion.

    BALL VALVES (25)

    Ball valves are the quarter turn operated valves having spherical closure unit that provides on/off control of flow. These valves have a ball that rotates to open and close the valve. These valves are used in the applications which require tight shut-off. At Sheridan Supply, we provide the finest quality ball valve that are durable and easy to use. If you are looking for the best place to buy ball valves online, then Sheridan Supply could be the best option for you!


    Check valve is a valve that allows fluid (liquid or gas) to flow through it in only one direction. They are two-port valves, as they have two openings in the body. One port allows the fluid to enter to it and other to leave. These valves can be used in a variety of applications and are often part of some common household items. Get the best check valve that meets all your needs at an affordable price at Sheridan Supply. We have a wide variety of high quality check valves. So, hurry up and pick one that best fits your requirements from our online store.

    GATE VALVES (22)

    Gate valves are generally designed for fully opened or fully closed service. They are often used when a straight-line flow of fluid is required or minimum restriction is desired. These valves are widely used in commercial and industrial applications. Sheridan Supply offers a huge variety of gate valves designed by using high quality materials. The valves provided by us are the most durable and easy to install. So, contact us now and get the best quality gate valves made in USA only at Sheridan Supply.


    A globe valve is primarily used to regulate or control the flow of fluid in pipelines. They consist of a movable disk-type element and a stationery ring which is spherical in shape. Sheridan Supply offer a wide range of valves that are made up of high grade materials. We provide the globe valves that are available in different sizes and are manufactured by the trusted brand “Hammond”. Check out our selection of globe valves and make an order now for the one that best fits your requirements.