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Most of the time, customers face difficulty while choosing the appropriate air filter with suitable MERV rating. But, now it’s easy with us! Sheridan Supply is the place where you can find the filters with both MERV3 and MERV8 ratings under single roof. You can easily select the MERV air filter that best suites you and can make the hasslefree purchase. Let’s have a look at filter we provided. If you have a query regarding selecting the products, e-mail or contact us to get the best solutions.

  • MERV 3

    MERV 3 (5)

    The MERV 3 filter is the common standard filter that provide a basic level of filtration at low cost. The air filters having the merv 3 rating are capable of removing pollen, dust mites, cockroach body parts, sanding dust, textile and carpet fibers. Check out our Flanders MERV 3 air filters.
  • MERV 8

    MERV 8 (23)

    Merv 8 filter are  commonly used in residential settings. They are often made of pleated cloth or paper to provide more surface for capturing particles. These filters removes mold spores, cat and dog dander, hair spray and dusting sprays. Choose the best quality merv 8 filter that meet all your requirements only at Sheridan Supply.