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New Yellow Jacket 69020 Digital Vacuum Gauge – SHERIDAN SUPPLY

New Yellow Jacket 69020 Digital Vacuum Gauge – SHERIDAN SUPPLY


The YELLOW JACKET® Omni™ Digital Vacuum Gauge 69020 is an easy-to-use, compact vacuum gauge that is loaded with features for the price. And it’s rugged, too. Made with high impact, glass reinforced housing, it survives moisture and accidental drops or attachment to a high pressure line. The Yellow Jacket Omni Digigal Vacuum Gauge 69020 is easy-to-clean vacuum sensor handles 450 psi positive pressure and reads several units of vacuum (microns, millibar, Torr, and Pascal).

Yellow Jacket 69020 Digital Readout

• Audio and visual signal when target vacuum level is reached

• Electronic paper display for clear visibility – even in direct sunlight

• Rich and intuitive user interface – turn it on and its ready to use with default settings

• 45° degree bend for fitting (1/4” or 5/16”)

• Automatic power down and time out

• Power savings – multiple time-out selections

• Low battery indicator and automatic power-down when inactive

• Adapter fittings available

• One year warranty, Made in U.S.A.

PowerClear Drain Cleaning Machine by Ridgid  – Sheridan Supply

PowerClear Drain Cleaning Machine by Ridgid – Sheridan Supply

Sheridan Supply suggests the new  PowerClear Drain Cleaning Machine by Ridgid is a Great Machine. We were testing this machine in a residential setting. This is a “sink machine” and is good for up to 1-1/2” drains.   We are happy to report that it performed very well.  It it runs pretty smoothly.  Since you do not have to switch the motor back and forth, you just depress the forward and backward auto feed leaver on the guide hose. 

We have used the old hand crank style drain augers and this is so different.  The PowerClear Machine takes a little time to learn how to use the foot pedal and feed the auger into the pipe.  After that short learning curve you are in business. 

There is a guide hose that will hep keep the cable from twisting and if you are using it around a bath or cabinet it should protect what is around you. 

For the price, you cannot go wrong.  It really appears to make tight turns so it is great for 1-1/4” lines.  Go easy when approaching the blockage.  No need to force, just go easy so that the cable continues to spin.  Great for tubs, showers and sink blockages. 

  • 30 foot cable and the unit weighs 5.3 lbs.  
  • 55983 1/4″ – 30 ft Replacement Cable 5.3 2.4
  • AUTOFEED® TECHNOLOGY – Keeps your hands clean and free from touching the cable while advancing and retrieving
  • HEAVY DUTY INNER CORE CABLE – For long life, increased strength and kink resistance
  • CLEAR COVER – Allows user to view how much cable is remaining
  • TWO-PIECE GUIDE HOSE – Use one piece for close applications and extension for areas where access is limited
  • EASY PULL DRAIN PLUG – Drain excess water after each use to extend cable life
  • GUIDE HOSE – Helps keep work area clean
  • Drain Capacity 3/4″ – 1 1/2″
  • Weight 12 lbs
  • Feed Rate 18 ft/min
  • Operating Speed 450 RPM
  • Cable Length 30′
  • Motor 120V, 1Ph, AC, 0.9 Amp, 60HZ
  • Standard Equipment PowerClear, Hose Extension

Ridgid PowerClear


Do you clean your air conditioning coils ?  Sometimes your evaporator coil needs to become cleaned because they will get clogged and that will wreck the efficiency of the operations.  Do not fret.  You only need to do a couple of steps and this chore can be easily accomplished.

When your air conditioning unit is working, a bunch of different components are working together.  The evaporator coil is at the top of the air exchanger and this is where ht main flow fro the exchanger directly travels through. 

What dirt is not collected from the air filter usually ends up on the fins of the evaporator.  Check your unit out.  You should see an access panel that can be removed.  You should see the evaporator coil.  Always take a look at your machine’s handbook.

Always turn the power off to the unit by heading to your circuit breaker.  Hopefully your breakers are labeled, else turn all your power off ! 

Remover the screws and put them in a safe place.  There is nothing so frustrating as losing screws after finishing a job.  You should now see the coils.  Do you have access to an air compressor ?  You can use one to blow the dirt off the coils.  Use an air nozzle to blow a steady stream of air across the fins of he evaporator.  Be careful that you do not damage the fins!  Blow down, and then blow up.

If you do not have a compressor — you can still spray the coils with a solution that soaks them for a while.  Make it with warm water and some dish detergent.  Let is soak in.  You may have to do it a couple of times but that is ok.  Take an old soft cloth and brush away the debris.  Keep spraying and keep wiping.  Again, your goal is to make your mechanical efficient. 

Sheridan Supply always suggests that you consider hiring a HVAC service professional.  They are worth their weight in gold.  They can change the filter, look at dirt in the condensate drain, check your line set covers and more.   

Cover Guard Makes the Best Adjustable Line Set Cover

Cover Guard Makes the Best Adjustable Line Set Cover

Cover Guard has really created a new and improved adjustable line set cover.

When you are up the ladder the last thing you want is to have a hard time installing a device. Old line covers were hard to close up with multiple lines or pumps inside. Cover guard line set covers are not only stronger, but they hold more than any other system in the market today.

We hope that you will take a look at the video below. It really demonstrates the benefits to the system. We also love the peel off film which really helps make the homeowner very happy.

We hear that some installations now use graphic shrink wrap ( like on automobiles) to blend the line sets into brick walls or match the siding of historic homes !!!

The surface is paintable. Do follow paint manufacturer’s instructions.

There is the wall duct kit which includes 14 pieces and 14 specialty screws. Additional lenths of duct, couplers, wall inlets, elbows, tees, end caps, wall flanges, sweeps adapters are available.

It is a great product.

Condensate Pipe Device by ALL-ACCESS Saves Time

Condensate Pipe Device by ALL-ACCESS Saves Time

Condensate Pipe Device by ALL-ACCESS attaches to the air conditioning condensate line. It allows easy access to clear and maintain the drain line. It automatically blocks the flow in the opposite direction of the cleanout. Then you can vacuum out the line or blow out the line using any method. You can add a drain line cleaner. It installs horizontally or vertically on 3/4″ and 1″ PVC.

Once installed you will never have to cut the pipe again. So it will save you money and your customers some heart ache.

As about all the models: AA1, AA1-INS, AA1-FS, AA2-FS, AA3, AA-TOOLS.


Why We Chose to Carry Culligan Filters at Sheridan Supply

Why We Chose to Carry Culligan Filters at Sheridan Supply

At Sheridan Supply, we chose to carry Culligan Filters. Culligan is the industry leader for professionally installed residential water treatment systems.

Culligan also offer a full line of water filtration products that you can install all on your own? Discover Culligan’s new under-sink Ultrafiltration, shower filters, and whole house sediment filters. From top to bottom, Culligan DIY has the solution to make your water the best it can be!

Culligan is providing more solutions than ever before with their enhanced line of under sink drinking water filtration systems.

Our Sheridan Supply customers really like the new Ultrafiltration system because the new “cassette style filter” is really easy to take out and replace with a new one.

The Culligan whole house filter helps keep your plumbing and your appliances clean. A healthy home is a happy home.
Our Sheridan Supply RV and Marine Customers appreciate the RV & Marine filters when on the road or setting sail.

Culligan offers a vast array of different filter cartridges that can be used to best meet your particular need. Due to changes in water quality and aging infrastructures, it may become necessary to use different filters. Whatever the case may be, Culligan has you covered.

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Spiral Pipe Now Available at Sheridan Supply

Spiral Pipe Now Available at Sheridan Supply

Spiral pipe is now available at Sheridan Supply.  Spiral pipe has become very popular.  You can see it in expensive restaurants and in retail locations.  It gives buildings old and new a very unique look.  Here are some of the reasons why it is so popular.

Spiral pipe does not have sharp edges, so there is less noise than when rectangular duct is used.  There is no reverberation because there is no pressure differential like in rectangular duct.

Spiral pipe can be cleaned and it is effective and economical. It even takes up much less spSpiral Pipeace than rectangular duct.

Spiral pipe is pretty much eliminated and studies have shown that air tight systems can lead to good annual energy savings. 

The spiral design provides equal pressure internally and allows the air to flow evenly and efficiently, also leading to lower energy use. The pressure drop of air leaving an air-handler is usually lower in a typical spiral system.

Air tight ducts are better for indoor air quality because they are more economical.  They are less prone to leakage. There are less joints.  Quality spiral pipe systems have less energy loss so systems are more efficient. 

Spiral pipe make it easier for a technician to do periodic testing of air flow.  Monitoring devices are now specifically made for spiral duct.  Air Technicians appear to be able to obtain better air movement readings with pipe that does  not have sharp corners. 

In many cases, spiral pipe is more affordable than rectangular duct.  This includes the product, the shipping, packaging, waste, parts, and labor.  Check out our lengths of American made spiral pipe sheetmetal at Sheridan Supply.  Call us with your job needs.  888-458-8743

Threading Pipe on a Landis Machine – Sheridan Supply

Threading pipe and cutting and grooving takes place daily at Sheridan Supply.  We have the ability to cut, thread, groove and weld pipe up to 8 inches in diameter.  This is the Landis Machine used to perform these services on large pipe. Other smaller Ridgid 15722 300 Complete Power Drive Pipe Threading Machine, 57 RPM machines are used on smaller diameter pipe.  We are the only shop in the Albany area who can perform this service.

Please contact us with your needs.  All work performed at our shop by our experienced team.    888-458-8743.  Locally 518-434-2138

Floodstop Prevents Water Disasters with Washing Machines

Floodstop Prevents Water Disasters with Washing Machines

Sheridan Supply is pleased to distribute the Floodstop line of products.  These alarm boxes are for your washing machine, water main, toilets, sinks, dishwashers and water heater.  It is just another little bit of security so you do not come down and find a ton of water on your floor.

On the Floodstop unit there are LED lights that go off when the valve is either open or closed.  These units even “test” themselves every 30 days.  Call your plumber and get this sensor under your appliance.  it only takes about 3 drops to know that there is a leak.

Circor Contromatics Pneumatic Actuators at Sheridan Supply

Circor Contromatics Pneumatic Actuators at Sheridan Supply

Circor Contromatics Pneumatic Actuators

Sheridan Supply stocks the Circor Contromatics M5 series rack-and-pinion actuator.  It is the most versatile unit available today. It is a great quality product.  There are many models.  They are all  rated for 150 PSIG inlet pressure and offer the DLS feature of double limit stops as standard equipment on all models. This feature allows travel adjustments in both directions. (Model 100 does not have travel stops.)

The 180° actuators produce the same torque as the standard 90° model. The Double Acting actuator achieve torques to 37,200 in.-lbs. at 80 PSIG and the Spring Return Fail Safe actuators to 20,748 in.-lbs. spring end torque.

Standard actuators are rated -10°F to 195°F and optional high and low temp seals and bearings are available for applications from -55°F to 250°F. Standard construction is extruded aluminum, machined, hard anodized and painted with a one part dry powder epoxy for corrosion protection. Autocatalytic Nickel Infusion construction is also made available as an option. ANI is the latest technological advance in electronic nickel deposition for severe environment corrosion


  • Available In 16 Sizes ( we may have less but can get what you need)
  • Dual Rack & Pinion Design
  • 90° & 180° Rotation
  • Std. Design Features Double Travel Stops That Can Be Adjusted While Actuator Is Pressurized (Model 100 Does Not Have Travel Stops)
  • Actuator Can Easily Be Converted In The Field From Double Acting To Spring Return With No Additional Tools Required
  • Fully Encapsulated Spring Design For Safety
  • Spring Return Fail Safe to 20,748 in.-lbs. Spring End Torque
  • Double Acting Torques to 37,200 in.-lbs. at 80 PSIG
  • Namur Dimensions For The Affixing Of Accessories & Transmitting Devices
  • 150 PSIG Inlet Pressure Rated
  • Rated From -55°F To 250°F
  • ISO 5211 Mounting Dimensions
  • CGA 6.5 Certified
  • Factory Mutual Approved
  • Call us with your needs.  Our sales reps can get what you require.Circor Contromatics