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New RIDGID® 57008 C-Style Close Quarters Copper Tubing Cutter

Reed C Cutter

RIDGID® 57008 C-Style Close Quarters Copper Tubing Cutter is coming out.  Isn’t this something.  Just what you need in a really tight space on the job.  Two different sizes.

  • Cut 1⁄2″ and 3⁄4″ tubing with one cutter with quick change feature.
  • Snap-on feature for a quick pipe connection.
  • Spring loaded cutter wheel provides a constant pressure on pipe.
  • RIDGID’s X-CEL® Wheel Pin for quick wheel replacement. No tools required.
  • Heavy Duty Construction Enclosed In A Zinc Die Cast Housing.
  • Screw Driver Slots To Rotate In Tight Spaces.

Reed Cutter Wheels – Fast Shipping

Reed TC1Q Cutter

Reed Cutter Wheels – Fast Shipping with Sheridan Supply.  Reed has been around producing quality products in the United States since 1896.  They have a commitment to offering new products at a fair price.  Shop Sheridan Supply for all your replacement parts and new tools and old reliable tools.  Check out such a long line by clicking below.


Reed Tools – Fast Shipping

Reed Tools – Fast Shipping

Reed Logo

Since 1949, Sheridan Supply has been serving Tradesmen.  Now 96 years later, we still offer the best in quality American made tools.  Shop for all your Reed Manufacturing Tools online and save time!  Time is money.  Reed Manufacturing offers saws, pipe cutters, blades, wrenches and more.  If you do not see a product you need, call Sheridan Supply at 888-458-8743 with your product code and we will help ship that product right away.


Peerless Parts – Peerless Boilers

Sheridan Supply has been around since 1949 and we are pleased to bring you a wide variety of Peerless Boilers Replacement Parts.   Check online and contact us with your needs.  We try to ship same day.   See our entire line of HVAC parts.  Call with your questions

Peerless Boiler