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Floodstop Prevents Water Disasters with Washing Machines and More

Floodstop Prevents Water Disasters with Washing Machines and More

Sheridan Supply is pleased to distribute the Floodstop line of products.  These alarm boxes are for your washing machine, water main, toilets, sinks, dishwashers and water heater.  It is just another little bit of security so you do not come down and find a ton of water on your floor.

There are LED lights that go off when the valve is either open or closed.  These units even “test” themselves every 30 days.  Call your plumber and get this sensor under your appliance.  it only takes about 3 drops to know that there is a leak.

Contromatics Pneumatic Actuators at Sheridan Supply

Contromatics Pneumatic Actuators at Sheridan Supply

Contromatics Pneumatic Actuators

Sheridan Supply stocks the KF Contromatics M5 series rack-and-pinion actuator.  It is the most versatile unit available today. It is a great quality product.  There are many models.  They are all  rated for 150 PSIG inlet pressure and offer the DLS feature of double limit stops as standard equipment on all models. This feature allows travel adjustments in both directions. (Model 100 does not have travel stops.)

The 180° actuators produce the same torque as the standard 90° model. The Double Acting actuator achieve torques to 37,200 in.-lbs. at 80 PSIG and the Spring Return Fail Safe actuators to 20,748 in.-lbs. spring end torque.

Standard actuators are rated -10°F to 195°F and optional high and low temp seals and bearings are available for applications from -55°F to 250°F. Standard construction is extruded aluminum, machined, hard anodized and painted with a one part dry powder epoxy for corrosion protection. Autocatalytic Nickel Infusion construction is also made available as an option. ANI is the latest technological advance in electronic nickel deposition for severe environment corrosion


  • Available In 16 Sizes ( we may have less but can get what you need)
  • Dual Rack & Pinion Design
  • 90° & 180° Rotation
  • Std. Design Features Double Travel Stops That Can Be Adjusted While Actuator Is Pressurized (Model 100 Does Not Have Travel Stops)
  • Actuator Can Easily Be Converted In The Field From Double Acting To Spring Return With No Additional Tools Required
  • Fully Encapsulated Spring Design For Safety
  • Spring Return Fail Safe to 20,748 in.-lbs. Spring End Torque
  • Double Acting Torques to 37,200 in.-lbs. at 80 PSIG
  • Namur Dimensions For The Affixing Of Accessories & Transmitting Devices
  • 150 PSIG Inlet Pressure Rated
  • Rated From -55°F To 250°F
  • ISO 5211 Mounting Dimensions
  • CGA 6.5 Certified
  • Factory Mutual Approved
  • Call us with your needs.  Our sales reps can get what you require.Circor Contromatics

Full Line of Anvil Products at Sheridan Supply

Matt is back to review the extensive line of Anvil products at Sheridan Supply.

Anvil International is one of the largest and most complete manufacturers of pipe fittings, pipe hangers and piping supports systems in the world.

Anvil has the highest-quality pipe products and services with great customer service. The company offers expertise and product solutions for a wide range of applications, from plumbing and mechanical, HVAC, industrial and fire protection, to mining and oil and gas. Its manufacturing facilities are located in Pennsylvania


Black Iron:


Please contact us with any questions. We can deliver a case to your door.



Improve Air Quality with Green Drain – Sheridan Supply

We now are stocking all four sizes of Green Drain.  2″, 3″, 3.5″ and 4″.   It is so easy to use and what we like most about the product is that it really can create a very healthy environment in your pool area, your ice machine drainage area, your shower areas, your hospital, hotel, kids camp or restaurant!   It is so easy to install.  This is a nice add on for plumbers and HVAC technicians to bill for.

Try Green Drain.

Threading Galvanized Steel Pipe with a Ridgid 535 Threading Machine

Watch Jay thread galvanized steel pipe on a Ridgid 535 Threading Machine.   We do custom pipe services at Sheridan Supply.  We can cut, thread, groove and weld pipe up to at least 8 inches.  We do it on the spot at our warehouse shop on our property.  We have off street parking but we also can ship to your location. Our shop employee Jay has been at this for over 24 years.

We sell copper pipe, black pipe, galvanized steel and more.  We also sell threading equipment and cutters, chain wrenches and more.  Contact us with your needs.




Best Drain Seal – Green Drain

Best Drain Seal – Green Drain

We are having tremendous success with the Green Drain Waterless Drain Seal product.

Sheridan just sold 18 units, yesterday, to a contractor who wanted 2 per floor in a high rise building.   He wanted to reduce odors in an effort to improve the indoor air quality.  This Green Technology does help with LEED certification.

It is available in 2 inch, 3 inch, 3-1/2 inch and 4 inch. It is being used by hospitals, restaurants, commercial buildings, apartment buildings and the like. It appears to really address the concern about odors, moisture and bugs. Check out the video to understand hot to quickly install the product.

The PVC product has a one way drain valve and is easy to install and does not impair the flow rate.  You will not have any trouble with plumbing maintenance.

Ridgid Press Tools are Game Changers!

One of our customers was raving about his new Ridgid Press Tool. Aside from the terrific warrantee and the quality reputation Ridgid Tools has,  he went on to tell me that he was in a basement trying to find out why his customer had no heat. He knew it was going to be a tricky fix. He was deep in a dark dirt floor cellar and he knew that he was going to be deal with water coming out of the repair. He thought it was a good time to try to use the new tool in this tight space. What was great that the press fitting was not affected by the water leaking out and once he used the Ridgid RP-210B that all the leaks stopped.

The ability to work when joints are not completely dry and not having to use solder is a game changer!

Many customers have now upgraded to the cordless model. It is light, dependable and you can sure get into tight spaces. The battery is lasting a long time. Their customers have not complained about further leaks! It is an easy to use tool and you can see how it potentially may replace soldering in the next 10 years.

Another customer uses it commercially and does not have to get a burn permit when they are in a hospital setting.  That paperwork along takes up to a week to prepare — the use of the pressing gun eliminates all of that and saves them so much time on the job. No torch and solder.

Bottomline – time is money and the Ridgid Press tools can help you make money. If you can save 15 minutes in one install, how many minutes are you saving a year ?  Isn’t that worth the investment ?Ridgid 31048

Sheridan Supply has new TAPE

Sheridan Supply has new packing tape. This new white tape with our brand name on it is sure to attract the attention of our customer and has our toll free telephone number on it.
We are excited for Jay to be decorating the outgoing shipments with it.